Sunset, landscape,
architecture + nature photography

The Photographer

Hi, I’m Claire, the person behind everywhereclaire and the camera. I have always had a love for the outdoors and growing up on the North East coast of Scotland allowed me to develop an appreciation for the beauty of nature from a young age. I’d spend weekends and summer evenings on Cruden Bay beach or exploring the coast line and cliffs.

My passion for photography is rooted in a desire to capture a beautiful moment. Sunsets are my favourite thing to photograph and I will happily chase a sunset no matter the time or weather. I see sunsets as a representation of the magic of nature.

I currently live in Dundee, so most of the photos are taken in and around the city. However, there are some photos from other places close to my heart and I’ll continue to add to the library.

everywhereclaire started on Instagram and the feed is home to all my photography. If there are any photos on Instagram that you like which are not available on the website please get in touch to discuss.